Training Management (English)

Gustav Käser Training Management (5 days)


Increase leadership skills and leadership success in times of major change.

Target audience

  • Managers in all business areas, institutions, associations, etc.
  • Leaders, senior executives, team leaders

Your benefit

You will obtain leadership and business essentials which contribute towards your goals.

  • The situational use of effective leadership skills
  • The most important daily requirements for successful leadership
  • Creating an open-minded workspace with a strong focus on company goals
  • Recognizing and using opportunities in change processes 
  • Knowing and promoting the greatest potential of every team member
  • Employee interviews with a positive effect on future performances
  • The set up of a successful, high-performance team and functional networking

For more Information please contact

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Frank Reinwand
 +49 172 7227001

or send an E-Mail to

Individual Training and Team Training

You can book the Management Training as an individual or as a group with a maximum of 12 participants. 

The training takes place in intervals with 5 attendance days each from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

For individual bookings the published dates and training location apply. In case of group bookings, it is possible to arrange the dates and the training location individually.

Training Management - All dates and locations

TrainingsortKurs-Nr.1. Tag2. Tag3. Tag4. Tag5. Tag
Berlin1. M 1-22/23Do 29.11.22Do 20.12.22Di 10.01.23Di 31.01.23Mi 22.02.23
Berlin1. M 1-23 EnglischDi 21.03.23Di 18.04.23Di 09.05.23Di 06.06.23Mi 28.06.23
Düsseldorf                                   2. M 1-22/23Do 29.09.22Mi 26.10.22Do 17.11.22Mi 07.12.22Mi 18.01.23
Düsseldorf4. M 1-22/23Mi 16.11.22Do 15.12.22Do 19.01.23Mi 08.02.23Mi 01.03.23
Düsseldorf2. M 1-23Mi 29.03.23Do 20.04.23Mi 10.05.23Mi 31.05.23Mi 21.06.23
Düsseldorf – ausgebucht1. M 1-23Mi 15.02.23Do 09.03.23Di 28.03.23Mi 19.04.23Do 11.05.23
Frankfurt2. M 1-22/23Do 13.10.22Do 10.11.22Do 01.12.22Do 15.12.22Di 17.01.23
Frankfurt1. M 1-23Mi 29.03.23Mi 26.04.23Mi 24.05.23Mi 14.06.23Mi 05.07.23
Hamburg1. M 1-23Do 30.03.23Do 27.04.23Di 23.05.23Di 13.06.23Di 04.07.23
Köln2. M 1-22/23Do 03.11.22Mi 23.11.22Mi 14.12.22Di 17.01.23Di 07.02.23
Köln1. M 1-23Mi 22.03.23Mi 26.04.23Di 16.05.23Di 13.06.23Mi 09.08.23
München3. M 1-22/23Mi 21.09.22Mi 19.10.22Mi 16.11.22Mi 14.12.22Mi 18.01.23
München4. M 1-22/23Mi 09.11.22Do 08.12.22Do 12.01.23Do 09.02.23Do 09.03.23
München2- M 1-23Di 20.06.23Di 11.07.23Di 12.09.23Di 10.10.23Di 07.11.23
München – ausgebucht1. M 1-23Di 07.02.23Di 07.03.23Di 28.03.23Di 02.05.23Di 23.05.23
Nürnberg1. M 1-12Di 25.04.23Di 16.05.23Di 13.06.23Di 04.07.23Di 25.07.23
Stuttgart2. M 1-22/23Do 15.09.22Do 13.10.22Do 10.11.22Do 08.12.22Do 19.01.23
Stuttgart – ausgebucht1. M 1-23Mi 19.04.23Mi 17.05.23Mi 07.06.23Mi 28.06.23Mi 19.07.23


EUR 3,200 per participant + VAT

This fee includes:

  • Training materials, brochures for training content, memory cards for professional practice
  • Six months of individual support from your Coach
  • Review and discussion of homework, practical exercises and real life experiences
  • Lunch and Coffee break

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Training Managament in English (5 days)

Ihre Ansprechpartner Ulrich Kikillus, Geschäftsführer Gustav Käser – HansenBeck

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Ihre Ansprechpartner
Ulrich Kikillus, Geschäftsführer
Gustav Käser – HansenBeck